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Checklist for Moving

The busiest moving season is upon us.  If you have a move in you near future, here are a few things you might not have thought of:

Two Months Prior

  • Get estimates from movers; check their references
  • Decide what you will move; what you want to get rid of

One Month Prior

  • Plan on moving you bank accounts; talk to local representatives about their services
  • Get records from you doctors, dentists, etc.
  • Get school records for your children.  Contact new schools to see about their requirements (including immunizations)
  • Arrange for pets moving/boarding and get their records from your veterinarian
  • Close local accounts that you will not be using
  • Get change of address info to businesses, friends and magazines
  • Cancel utilities effective the day of your departure (electric, gas, water, cable, trash collection, local internet service)

Two Weeks Prior

  • Personally pack sentimental and valuable items and decide how they are to be transported
  • Take a local directory with you
  • Make hotel reservations if traveling
  • Have cars serviced for the trip
  • Arrange for a babysitter for packing and loading days

Final Days

  • Put together a survival package-paper plates and plastic utensils, towels, soap, toilet paper, bedding, and snacks
  • Arrange for cash/checks you will need for the move
  • Defrost freezer and dry out freezer, washer and refrigerator
  • Pack for the trip